“Normal”: A poem about longing for normalcy when living in chronic pain 

Emily Speaks



Today I just want to be normal;

I want my pain to go away.

I want to live my life

without it getting in the way.

I want to just be me

without the aching in my bones,

 to go and do and see

 instead of staying home.

Today I want a life

Simple and carefree,

To rise refreshed in the morning,

And at night-

A restful sleep.

To just go on a walk

Or cook my favorite meal,

No matter how I plead-

with my body,

There is no deal.

To work without the fire

Searing through my limbs,

To have energy left over

When my work day ends.

You see,

When we have a normal life

We always long for more…

But now I am left longing

For the life I had before.

By: Emily I Painter

Copyright 2016

All Rights Reserved

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