A Chronic Life: A poem about living with chronic pain and reclaiming our forever-altered lives

My best friend and confidant. Through your strength, courage,Faith, and all around badass personality you have become an incredible writer. Everything you say resonates with what I’m going through. Thank you for your vulnerability

Emily Speaks


A Chronic Life

My body screams
as my mind dreams
of a place in time
where relief is mine.
Just for one day,
won’t you take
my pain far away?
In constant torment,
I am utterly spent.
My limbs and spine
set ablaze-
these captors who
ruin my days.
As I take each step
I wonder how much
I have left…
will I make it
through this day?
Or at home, will
I have to stay?
The exhaustion overtakes me-
I am forced to be still,
the strength of the pain
says I must bend my will.
“Rest or you are done for”,
it whispers this threat…
I don’t want to, but I must,
before it has crippled me yet.
I wish to lay here
where the pain stays at bay,
but my soul-it is beckoned,
To LIVE with each new day.
So, step after step,
Pained as they may…

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